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January 1st, 2014

xx Joanna

An Explanation

November 2nd, 2013

If you’ve been wandering why this website hasn’t been updated in so long, why I haven’t replied to your messages, or why my profile on TeaHouse says that I’m On Holiday, well the answer is that I have a depression and I just didn’t know how to tell people. x_x

I’m so very sorry if I have let you down. You have no idea how much this weighs on me to not be there for my friends.

I just needed to get this out there and ask for your renewed patience and prayers. <3 Thank you.


May 24th, 2013

May’s pixel contest on TeaHouse MB has a very kawaii theme this month…
Please do continue to submit your entries, and check out those already there. :) The deadline is May 27, just two days away now!

And I’ve just added a ton of new before/after minion images from Subeta, as it would seem the artists there are on a revamp roll, with hundreds of items being redrawn this month!

May is Lyme Disease & M.E. awareness month.
Don’t forget to read up about those two disabling conditions!

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