Christmas Is About Family?

I’m glad there are a few people around who still remember the reason for the celebration.
So many times this week I’ve heard, read, been told, that “after all Christmas is about family right?”. And I’m just sitting there thinking “Huh? Where’d you read that? Never said that in my history books. What about those who don’t have a family? By using that definition you’re excluding them!”

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  1. I’ve noticed during the holidays people are so materialistic. It’s a welcome change to see people thinking about family. Even if that’s not what the holiday is all about.

  2. You’re right, many people have forgotten or don’t even know the true meaning of Christmas. Like one of my neighbors today, he had a party celebrating the Three Kings day, but he didn’t even mention why do we celebrate it. He was just saying come and enjoy with your family and friends…

    Btw, I finally changed my layout. Let me know what you think 🙂

  3. People really have forgotten the true meaning. It’s barely a religious holiday at all anymore. Sure, seeing family is an added benefit, but nobody sees the true meaning anymore!

  4. PS:
    Sorry for the triple post!! I can’t find the link to the gifts… >< I’m so sorry!! Can you send it to me again please? Thanks a million!!

  5. oO I just saw your other comment! Sorry!! ><
    I’d LOVE to help! It’s such an honour to help such an awesome person lol
    Oh, lol! I used to get such tans that people thought I was a filipino XD
    Ohh, I better go pick up that gift! I’m sorry I didn’t know there were gifts!! O_o
    Sorry again for the double post!!

    x Kat

  6. Awww, thanks so much Jo!! *hugs* Yeah, I’m kiiiiinda… you know… *shivers* about going places alone! I’ve been so reliant and now it’s like SHABANG I’m alone!! oO Thanks for the reassurance!! lol
    Awww, thanks!! I guess I just look around the web a lot ^^ I read lots of emoticon tutorials too, and that’s where I got that glassy look on the snowman ^^ Thanks so much again!! 😀

    x Kat

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