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sink removal (had to be smashed out!) and new sink put in
The old sink was still the original one from when this building was constructed in the 60s! Some of the ladies still here moved in over 40 years ago with their husbands. They brought up their children in this apartment block too, who’ve long since flown the nest. The husbands are now all deceased sadly. The lady who lived in our flat before us, she’d been here since the very beginning, moving in with her husband in 1965. She died last New Year and we moved in three months later. It was hard on the ladies at first as they’d known her a really long time and missed her dearly.

two home visits with one of the doctors who follows us

stripping, cleansing, and repainting of each room
… after finding out we’ve been breathing in poisonous residue from the old heating system they had here. Is it any wonder I’ve had such trouble breathing?
Mum’s bedroom was the first to be worked on, and my room was finished last week.
Next: my sister’s room, the kitchen, sitting room, and bathroom!

annual vet appointment for the two dogs
Tommy was lovingly put to sleep. He was 14 years old and a most wonderful companion and working dog. See short post Goodnight Mr Tom.

home visit with my sister’s social worker
And it went surprisingly well considering that every single interaction with her in the past left us all in tears. I kid you not. Looks like being married is doing her a world of good and we couldn’t be more grateful for her new found happiness.

bought a dish washer! YAY!

two days one night in hospital for my sleep recording session
Sleep Recording


1st: Ginger Biscuit’s 9th birthday!

4th: finally moved back into my room!
So good to be “home” again. My safe place, my castle, with my noise-cancelling headphones and my bare walls. My books and my window’s view.

8th: delivery and installation of dish washer

9th: both my mother and myself will be spending two days in hospital, this time for my Mum’s sleep recording, and for me it’s to work out what kind and size of sleep apnea mask I will require. During the long waits between seeing the doc, having the equipment set up, wires and pads taped on to us, we will finish decorating the Christmas cards together. n_n

12th: my sister’s brain M.R.I.
– my mother will be spending the night and next day trying out different sleep apnea tests
(the kitchen flooded at 3am today because apparently the dish washer’s water pipe wasn’t properly connected! XD)

13th: ask Helper to drop off box of toys in town at the Fontaine Aux Jouets
There’s an old statue-topped fountain in center town where each year people drop off new or almost-new toys to be redistributed to families facing financial difficulty. So proud there is such an operation. Thank God for kindness and generosity!

17th: home-visit from Dr. again
It’s not usually this often! We’re followed by two doctors, with appointments every 3 months if no complications arise. Dunno what the visit is about this time. Or more likely I was told and have forgotten. ^^’

31th: possible bonfire with all the neighbours

What will December look like for you?

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  1. You’ve had quite an eventful November, and it looks like December will be very eventful too. It’s wonderful you bought a dishwasher! My sister and I were extremely grateful when we bought a microwave about a year ago. It’s incredible the value of conveniences like that. They make a world of difference that much of society takes for granted. I hope that all the doctors and hospital visits you are having are proving helpful. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. 🙂

    Next week is the last week of the semester, so I’m still rushing about finishing my final projects. After school ends, my sister, friend, and I are planning to go Christmas caroling with a big group. And the following week, my family has plans to go visit my paternal grandparents in Indiana, and then we’re going to Ohio specifically to see my late maternal grandfather’s artwork in a museum. We’re also going to go to another museum where I’m looking forward to seeing the fashion exhibit. Aside from all that, I’ll be putting things together for Christmas and just catching up on some things before the next semester begins. 🙂

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