Two Questions (updated)

First of all, I’d like to mention that I have a new link exchange, with Abbie of!

Now, onto those questions!

Here’re two typical topics you might find on forums. Well recently two members of THMB actually added them so I thought, oh why not, I’ll give it a shot and have a think about what my answers would be.

  1. If you were given three wishes…
  2. What is/are you life goal(s)?

The replies people wrote were pretty interesting actually. Serious! And to think all this time I’d been labelling questions like that as superficial & pointless. Pff! I’m now of the opinion that if given proper thought, you can learn quite a bit about someone from their answers.

So, here’s what we’re gonna do:

  • Post your replies here, or alternatively copy the questions and answer them on your own web space & let me know
  • I’ll add my reply to Q°1 below, and will show you my reply to Q°2 after three people have participated.

Deal? Deal. Perfect!

If you were given three wishes…

Wish n°1: I would wish for one wish only.

My reasoning is that I’ve seen way too many films on wishes going awfully wrong. Scarred for life now! >_>”

Thank you all of you for your replies! Just as I thought, I think they describe each of you quite well as far as I can tell. ^_^ And as promised here are my replies. If you thought yours were cheezy, just wait and see! Ha!

OK so, don’t laugh! If I had to narrow my life goals down to the one most important goal for my life, it would sound a bit like this.

In vague terms: be a testimony to the world of God’s love.

In every-day-Joanna-therms:
– I want to be the person there when someone is in need
– I want to be the arms that hug the sad, the hurt, and the lonely
– I want to be the smile that cheers on, encourages, and gives hope
– I want to be the voice that soothes, inspires, and helps
– I want to be the hands that make, carry, give, and feed
– and I want to be the presence that you can rely on, trust, confide in, and laugh openly with.

That’s pretty much it really. Easy peezy, right? … lol

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