I Love Site Buttons!

I’m fixing up the site theme. la dee da, la dee dee

  • the contact page’s form should be operational again
  • old posts are once more accessible
  • fixing one thing, I killed the archives page. RIP
  • the commenting is still a problem though… hmm… FIXED yipee!

I received a surprise gift from Kel. Thank you!

Aaaaand…. I have a new affiliate! Her name is Jen and she was the owner of tiny-star.net & wishable.net. A legend in the cutesy pixel world I dare say. So welcome back Jen and best of luck with your new site, cutelittleworld.com!

And crafty Suzy pixelled a graphic that is perfectly coordinated with her latest blog entry. Clevah! ^__^

I’d also like to thank Laviee for this really pretty Valentine’s graphic that she was generously offering on her website.

Update On My Whereabouts

You’ll have noticed I haven’t added any news updates or posts since October the 1st. I have continued to slowly add and update the site though.
For people who come by PausedLife for the Subeta updates, the following is perhaps a bit too personal for what you’re comfortable with. This explanation is mainly targeted at those who follow my site for it’s more personal aspect. 🙂

This is why I haven’t had the energy to write nice posts and neatly organised bullet lists of updates:

My father is really sick right now and these past few months have been unsettling and upsetting. He’s in England at the moment so that some friends can look after him now that we no longer have the health to do so ourselves. But the plan is falling through; the person he’s staying with at the moment is not helping him, it’s actually getting worse. He’s so influencable (not sure that’s the right word, or correct spelling) right now that he just does what ever people tell him to and accepts their opinions to be the truth without question.
These are some of the ideas that have been said to him. Please take note that he’s only been at this particular person’s house for a day…

“Oh I’m really pro herbs, you should definitely make the most of staying here and being away from your family to stop your meds.”

Wow. Genius, that’s just genius… Perfect. Why don’t you just kill him now instead of inflicting pain on us all as we watch him sink deeper and deeper!

“Your sickness is all in your head, only cognitive behavioural therapy will save you. You should start helping others and you will be helping yourself.”

You have got to be kidding me! A bacterial infection is “all in your head”? HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST THAT! Do you have the slightest idea how many years of hard work your words are destroying? As if he wasn’t already mixed up and lost as it is!

Lyme Disease (sometimes known as CFS-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME-Myalgic Encephalopathy) and Bi-Polar Syndrome are real illnesses. So how about you just make sure he eats and goes to bed at proper times; anything else:

you back off! !!

My gosh it feels good to let out some steam. I’m so angry and frustrated and afraid and confused, I feel like I could literally explode from the inside. I wish I could just take my coat, march right out of the front door, and go for a walk. Instead I’m stuck with two other fuming house-bound ladies, mother and sister. It’s going to be tricky but it’s best that we try to avoid each other for a day or two. Ha, OK that’s kinda impossible considering we have to be within mere metres of each other 24/7.
Let’s just hope we can avoid the subject at least. ._.

And it’s in these moments that you thank God for Teahouse MB and Subeta, my escapes, my “other” homes, my safe places to run to.
And you thank God for the special friends you make too. ^_^