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I Love Site Buttons!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I’m fixing up the site theme. la dee da, la dee dee

  • the contact page’s form should be operational again
  • old posts are once more accessible
  • fixing one thing, I killed the archives page. RIP
  • the commenting is still a problem though… hmm… FIXED yipee!

I received a surprise gift from Kel. Thank you!

Aaaaand…. I have a new affiliate! Her name is Jen and she was the owner of & A legend in the cutesy pixel world I dare say. So welcome back Jen and best of luck with your new site,!

And crafty Suzy pixelled a graphic that is perfectly coordinated with her latest blog entry. Clevah! ^__^

I’d also like to thank Laviee for this really pretty Valentine’s graphic that she was generously offering on her website.

Thank You Zuri

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Just a quick post to thank Zuri(out link) for the cute gift she dropped on my doorstep here. :3
I’ve added it to my received gifts page.

Saffy & Jo's Cute Sales

Second Hand & Brand New Cute Stuff

Most items under 5$

  • Cute bunny earrings
  • Hello Kitty magnetic bookmarks
  • Mini erasers (sea creatures)
  • Sticker flakes (Winnie The Pooh, Cute Pups, Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll)
  • New Prices for stationary!
  • Pullip Nina’s Type 3 body
  • 27 cm Obitsu hard bust body, medium sized bust, flesh tone. (nipples sanded, belly and neck deflopped – no wobbling!)
  • False eyelashes (for humans or doll customisation)
  • Fine sandpaper (Remove make-up, sand out shiny spots, smooth over flaws and joints, mattefy a shiny doll)
  • Selection of doll clothes for Pullip & Bratz, including shoes and Re-ment bags
  • Pullip glasses
  • Pullip stand
  • New adorable little teddy bears
  • And last but not least, kawaii purses and pouches!

QUESTION: What do you think of the new stationary prices? All feedback is most welcome. Thank you!