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Saturday, April 5th, 2008

I have a special tag ready for moments like this. It’s called the Oops tag. So what is the current oops you may ask. Well it’s quite simple really. I’ve messed up my commenting system. But, naturally being a Oops kind of person I also put in place a few weeks ago a Guestbook. So before you start pulling out your hair out of sheer frustration, 1)let me give you a warm pat on the back for letting me know about the problem and 2)unleash your comments on my brand new Guestbook.

Oh I just remembered a second Oops I should confess about. I’ve messed up the smilies too hehe! So you’ll just have to cope with the default yellow-orangey ones. FIXED smilies problem
Let me see if I can think of any problems I’ve created since changing layout. Mmh no that must of been it.

I have nearly finished moving all pages into wordpress which takes off the .php extension at the end of the urls. Once it’s fully done though as promised I’ll give the all clear sign so that you know to change your bookmarks if bookmarks of J.S.Net you have.

The layout. Well, um, yet again different isn’t it? I’m finding the borders a bit plain, I don’t know.. It was more the result of a playing around session than a real thought through site theme like that pink one was. Anyone remember the pink one? With pixels by Lovecandied, and a few photos on it too. Well it makes a nice change anyway. It’ll do for now. Maybe I should ask Jess of She could do my site layout and I would do her layout coding. *(^_^)*

Um I’ll finish writing this post in the morning. Thankyou for visiting!!


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