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Some Quicky Updates

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

1. Glacier Malticorn* released

2. Revamped minions:

  • Ball of Love
  • Emo Fish
  • Phluf
  • Shinwa’s Birdie, Snips
  • Thyke
  • Wormza

The Lottery on Teahouse* was, I believe, a success and the post prizes have already been sent out to the lucky winners. I’m now working on the graphic prize for the winner n°1 so wish me lots of courage to believe in my graphic skills and not give up in favour of something mediocre! The winner deserves something good, that they can continue to use this time next year, and the year after too. I am worried but then I always am when doing a commission or requested graphic. So I’ve giving myself a week maximum to complete and hand over the avatar and signature to Miss Ferny*, the winner of the lottery. 😀

Perhaps you have noticed the lack of updates in the graphic and Subeta departments. If not, I certainly have. I think this winter has drained a lot out of me in many ways. The weather but also my parents health, my grandmother’s death, and on the 27th of March we have another two doctors coming to our home to talk/interview/observe and goodness knows what else their bosses have asked them to do. Then on the 1st of April my lovely sister turns 26. Birthdays are a bit taboo as they mark yet another year that has gone by and we’re still sick and stuck at home. So if any of you would be willing to keep Saffy* in your prayers, just… I don’t know, maybe pray that she feels peace about her situation, peace about her age, and has an over all good time on her birthday. Thank you so much. (love)

So back to the lack up new content. Let me first reassure you that although some Subeta fan sites have closed ( and others have just opened (, I will be staying here and renewing my domain sometime over the next month. I was here near the very beginning and I’m going no where. I’m just… a little slow at keeping up with the Subeta team of artists who work their behinds off to continually bring new good stuff to! lol I can’t compete! But if you like what I do already offer, please do stick around. <3 I'm hoping to put up a area for feedback and suggestions that will be public, for all to see what has already been mentioned and what has yet to be said. This site has potential, I have potential, but without constructive criticism and guidance, one cannot make any progress. Love you guys! xx Miss Jo

Subeta Characters have Pets too?!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Yes you heard me right: Subeta Characters also known as NPC’s (Non-Player Characters), have their very own unique pets. Some I had never read about nor heard their name before. Some others like Jaxon Skelly who already have a number of pets have seen them grow from small minions to life size pets.

Check ’em out! Take a look at some of the Subetan Characters’ Pets*!

And yes I did say Subetan NOT Subetian!
Subeta is divided as to which spelling and pronounciation is the most grammaticaly correct.
See, my theory is that if no one had ever heard of Neopets and Neop-i-ans, it would have never crossed their mind to add some random i in the middle.

Neopia –> Neopians. All is good; sounds good too.
Subeta –> Subetans. Why on earth add an extra letter?! I see no “i” before the “a” in the name Subeta, do you?

We’ve actually debated this in my family. See how I’m the only one who plays but they all know everything about it?
So we tried to think of examples using country names and their habitants. Problem was that although there were countries who followed the rule above, there were some that didn’t. Exceptions to the rule or was there never a rule in the first place?

Now if you’re brave enough to go up and ask your English teacher about this, oh my gosh I’ll have to think of a prize I could give you.
Pixel, avatar, sP (Subeta Points), free hugs every day of the week for a whole week.. lol Now I’m making no promises here but I’ll think about it ‘k? Oh and the condition for a possible prize is that your teacher tells you the proper pronounciation is Subetan.

Right well that was a whole lot to read for nothing wasn’t it! Boring. Just go look at those pets will ya? Ty.

Oh and before I forget, meet the new shopkeepers* (and take a special look at Isobel *(^_^)* !)