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My Updates – photo edition!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013
What I’ve been up to lately, in photos!

I found this little guy on my window sill one cold wet evening. He was sheltering himself from the poring rain by hiding between my window and the shutters. Poor moth looked exhausted!

Then came my sister’s 30th birthday! So this is a photo of our sitting room, which I decorated with pink, purple, and white balloons. I also had a Tatty Teddy theme going on believe it or not, as she’d never had a themed birthday party before. 😛
Can you spot my dog, Ginger Biscuit, photo-bombing below? 😉

And this morning, I suddenly wanted to make some candles with the materials my sis had bought me for my birthday in January. I hadn’t been able to sleep all night and was restless, so I got up some time around 6am and prepared a space in the kitchen for it all. By the time I was done though, my mother was up and helped me figure out how to do it. (Yeah, hadn’t actually read a tutorial or anything before beginning this project…) In the end we chose to put the solid wad bricks in a plastic jug, and in the microwave, regularly checking on its progress.

Credits: gorgeous pixel photo frames by!

Pierro, My TP Roll Buddy

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

special adoption Pierro I have a new special adoption join my already rather large family!

His name is Pierro and he’s one of Zuri’s TP Roll Buddies*! lol He’s holding a dog biscuit in the shape of a bone I think. Cute! :3

And I had a good day on the 27th for my 22nd birthday. I shared a strawberry pie with my sister and it was so good! We cut the pie in six pieces so that we could spread it out over the next coming days. It was lovely to have strawberries over the course of three days. 😛 I took some photos of it actually!


I also received some beautiful cards from the family.