Recycle Christmas Cards To Make Your Own

What you will see in these photos is a rough example to explain the idea. My result is the basic version. I made this tutorial so that you can use my idea to make many more imaginative cards!

You’ll be using old cards to create new, one of a kind, personalized ones to send to your friends and family. I hope you still have all those old Christmas, New Year, Birthday cards available!! 😀

If you use my tutorial to create something, I’d love it if you took a photo of your end result, and posted it below for everyone to see!

Now on to the step by step guide. Click the thumbnails to see the full size photos with their instructions.


STEP 1: Folding

STEP 2: Cutting Out A Picture

You’ll be using scissors and a crafts knife in this step.

STEP 3: Cutting Out Holes

You’ll be using a pencil and crafts knife in this step.

STEP 4: Adding String

You’ll be using the string, scissors, and glue in this step.

STEP 5: Decorate 😀


I filled three different sides! Surprised? 😛

Special mention: thank you to link) for their unique home-made font I used throughout this tutorial.