Links With Target Attributes: Annoying or OK?

Every link that goes off my site had a target=” _blank” in the link and I add a little star symbol (*) to show that the link will open in a new tab (or window depending on the browser you use).

Does this annoy you as a visitor when browsing websites?

Do you find it helpful, or less tiring, instead of having to right click and find the option in a menu, or middle click on your mouse?

Or do you actually prefer just assuming that all links will open in that same tab or window, and you decide yourself whether you want to leave that page or not?

I first asked this question on Teahouse Message Board and the general thought on the subject was that they much preferred web masters using a target attribute. So now I’m asking you, target=”_blank”: Annoying or OK?

[EDIT]: I’ve since taken out all target=” _blank” links from my site, and instead added a little graphic arrow to indicate that they go off-site.