Oofa fruit findings!

Oofa fruit Oofa fruit are different from other fruit in that they will sometimes carry a bug along with them.
But before you go Eww! and run away screaming your head off, first take a look at what your pet just might find if it’s very lucky..
Time Machine To evolve these very particular bugs, you will need a Time Machine.
Now these can only be used one and are pretty rare (= expensive). However they have restocked several times at the Token Shop at The Fair Grounds.

Bug Evolved Minion
Bristley Bristley Haematic Moth Haematic Moth
Kitmonkey Mimic Caterpillar Kitmonkey Mimic Caterpillar Zinnober Butterfly Zinnober Butterfly
Cattie Cattie Lurid Butterfly Lurid Butterfly
Pleggant Pleggant Caesious Moth Caesious Moth
Fluzzy Fluzzy Skipper Skipper
Pyllar Pyllar Albicant Moth Albicant Moth
Inchy Inchy Purpure Butterfly Purpure Butterfly
Smoochie Smoochie Pavonated Butterfly Pavonated Butterfly

Credit to Lylli (Asaythiel on Subeta) for posting this information on the SubetaDB forums (now offline).

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