2012 Last Photos

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A little WHOOPSY moment of mine

The doggies, shot in black and white

And some out-takes! And some out-takes!

A nébulisateur - don't know what you call it in English. Looks pretty cool though! The state of my poor PC mouse before I treated myself to a new one

This was a short message I sent to someone describing a little bit how my Christmas day went.

We opened parcels this morning and have each been resting in our rooms since. Last year I was able to dress up in pretty clothes for the event but this time I put on clean pjs instead and carried my quilt to the sitting room to snuggle up in. I don’t think God was offended! My sister on the other hand had slightly more energy this year as she was able to wrap her gifts to us this time round, instead of keeping them in the original envelopes they came in. Mum was the prettiest of them all today, all dressed up and wearing a Christmasy brooch to top it. n_n
We had two nice surprises. In the morning Mum’s brother phoned, and then this evening her father called to say Merry Christmas too. ^___^ She put both conversations on loud speaker and Ruth & me were able to say a few words and remind them that we love them.

Tommy resting on a sea of wrapping paper Ginger naughtily lounging on the settee

Something my sister left outside my door on the 24th of December! My first time applying nail art foils; these ones were a gift from my Sis for Christmas. They're supposed to be water drops.

My room from my usual viewpoint sat on my bed And finally Anne-Sophie (Pullip Xiao-Fan) wearing a bead headband my sister made

Gin Undercover And more dog pictures!