The Webmiss Extras


I have…

I have grey/blue eyes, many scars, two hands, two feet, a nose on the big side (which is a trait my family is rather well known for!), and I have a terrible memory too.

I am…

I’m proud, stubborn, very shy, determined, often wrong, a believer in Jesus’ mission, allergic to strong food colourings, in particular the orange and yellow colours. Orangina, throat syrup, and Skittles for example. If I have any, I can become hyper and act like a drunkard. How embarrassing is that! Just imagine all the birthday parties I’ve been to. But it’s cheaper and healthier than alcohol! lol But allergies and sugar highs leave a nasty headache so it’s not really that worth it.

I’m a picky eater, a cheerful person, probably a big hypocrite at times, generally sensitive to what people feel and think, and will often “feel” their sadness or happiness too, which can be really exhausting.

I’m very sensitive to the sight, sound or smell of human fluids as well. If someone is being sick I will most likely start retching too. Snot, mucus, sick, saliva, spit… But I seem to be OK with urine or blood and can keep a clear mind when it comes to dealing with those. Not sure how I’m going to cope with my future babies though! lol

I’m also incapable of learning the mathematics times tables off by heart, and have always had to calculate them myself on paper during exams. Huge time waster sadly.

I don’t like…

I don’t like following fashions or trends, especially if they’re silly like having one trouser leg rolled up and not the other.
I don’t like addictions and how they mock the humans they have made slaves of. I’m addicted to milk. 🙁

And I really really don’t like bullies. It makes me sick how school bullies make a hell out of peoples lives.

I do like…

I like sniffing the outside air after the rain has come and gone. I like the sweet smell of freshly cut lawns. I like prawn cocktail crisps, and raw potatoes with salt.

Running, coding, and smelling food before I eat it are also activities I like doing.

But most notably, I like smelling shampoo. How many times have I squirted the stuff up my nose?! >_<” In shops, in front of guests, even on my own it always end up my nose…:( LOL XD Still makes me laugh to death though!

I like to be able to disappear now and then and, as we like to call it, hibernate.

I like to think that my sunglasses are like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak and that when I wear them outside, no one can see me, nor my greasy hair, or any other detail I don’t want people seeing.
But sometimes just having someone looking at you can feel like they are sucking a bit of your energy and it is so tiring. Imagine walking in crowded areas like shopping centres for example or during street market day: by the time you reach the other end of the “people cloud” you have but 1% battery power left and you still haven’t bought that loaf of bread or posted those letters.

And I like to feed my brain and mind with useful and healthy information. It makes me feel alive when my brain is working. Although if I overwork it, I then end up with brain fog. Ugh. It’s really not that easy finding a balance between a little bit and too much.

I am thankful/grateful for…

  • my parents having invested in me and my sister getting our mouths rearranged by our orthodontist
  • our doctor continuing his research on Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia and many others, and having internationally recognised scientists approve his work, despite the locals spreading rumours about him and calling him names, and other influential doctors in the area “putting sticks in his wheels” (translated from a French saying “Mettre des batons dans les roues”, sorry I can’t remember the English version correctly! ^^) Comment if you know the correct corresponding English saying! 😀


Big Screen

  • Rush Hour, True Lies, Spiderman
  • A Walk to Remember, Love Actually, Save the Last Dance, 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, Shooting Fish, Princess Diaries
  • The Goonies, Gremlins, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Cold Comfort Farm, Sister Act, The Sound of Music
  • Men In Black, I Robot, Independence Day, Minority Report
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook (with Dustin Hoffman), Ever After, Much Ado About Nothing
  • Lion King, Mulan, Shrek, Finding Nemo

Little Screen

  • The Prince of Bel Air
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • Pride and Prejudice (1996 BBC miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle)
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Malcolm in the middle
  • Lost, 4400, Heroes, Dark Angel, Fringe

Screen faces

  • Will Smith in Men In Black
  • Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures
  • Kate Bekinsale in Cold Comfort Farm
  • Edward Norton (makes a great baddy)
  • Willem Dafoe (naturally “baddy” looking)
  • Mandy Moore and Shane West in A Walk To Remember

These are some actors amongst many others that I enjoy watching.


  • Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, some David Bowie tunes
  • Queen (genius catchy songs), L5 (French girl band), Backstreet Boys (north American boys band)
  • Delirious?, Relient K, SuperChic[k]