The Story

My website has had three different addresses over the years.
First of all there was This must have been early 2006.

Then my sister gave me a wonderful birthday present: she created for me, a sub-domain of her own website. This was the 9th of February 2007, a couple of days after my 20th birthday.

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About a year and a half later, I was certain more than ever that I wanted to continue to have a website and decided to register my very own website name and address. On the 21st of June 2008 I purchased the domain, and that is where you are right now. 🙂

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

To better understand the point of this site and learn a little bit more about the owner, Joanna was invited to answer a few questions from her alter ego, Jofrenchie. Interview fresh and still hot on the plate just for you. ^_^

The Interview

Jofrenchie: So.. What exactly is this place?

Joanna: Ha ha! Well I wanted a place on the web where I could keep my toy box collection (pixel drawings that other people have made and that are free for adoption as long as you link back). I love collecting things so that was the main reason to have a website.
I then also got interested in coding and spent many nights studying HTML and later on CSS. Learning code became a bit like a hobby. And..

Jofrenchie: Why at night?

Joanna: Well, it was a calm and peaceful time when I didn’t feel anxious or stressed. And.. I was still insomniac at that point so night or day didn’t make much difference to me really. 😀 Other than that, our adorable neighbours would all be asleep so I also re-discovered silence and got rather fond of it.
And before you rudely cut me off, I was about to say that the purpose for my website was mainly to keep my toy box and be a coding playground where I could put into practice whatever I had learnt. And those are still a big part of

Jofrenchie: And…? Any other reasons to take up valuable space on the web?

Joanna: >.> Mmmh not sure I like you right now… But to answer your question, yes! Yes I have since added articles that were first written as comments or posted on the forums of, the on-line community.
As some questions cropped up rather often, I decided to put extra effort and detail into my answers so that I could re-use them next time a particular question was asked.
With Subeta journals acting weird and not always recording my entries, I needed somewhere to keep them so that I could refer a user to this or that page on my website.

Jofrenchie: So to sum up, it is somewhere where you can practice coding, keep a pixel toy box and other adopted scribbles and finally, where you can write down all the little bits of information on Subeta you have collected over the past 3 years .
Does that sound accurate?

Joanna: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. ^-^ … Would you mind leaving my thoughts now?

Jofrenchie: With pleasure. 😉