Wrecked House


(EN) We have a little house in England that we rent out. Received these photos after the lodger suddenly up & left. The place is TRASHED & full of wild cats and their faeces! O.O

(FR) Nous avons une petite maison que nous laissons ouverte à la location. On a reçue ces photos après que la locataire actuelle soit partie d’un coup sans avertir. Y’a plus que les chats sauvages qui peuvent y habiter! O.O

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  1. Hello Joanna! I just want to let you know I sent you a short email a couple weeks ago in case you don’t often check your gmail. I would like to send you a small gift, and I am hoping to be able to send it before school starts back up. 🙂

  2. This is absolutely terrible! I don’t even know how a house can get in such a state. I’m so sorry you have to deal with such an awful situation. I have heard horror stories like this one before, and I’m so sad to see this happen to your family. Is there anything you can do to prosecute the person who did this? And does your insurance cover the damages?

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