Shopping time!

I went shopping some time back and they have all finally arrived in the post. I need to create a new section just for my shopping I think. Cos they’re just so cute! You’ll see what I mean. 😉

Oh and by the way these images are hosted on a brand new image hosting site called And you can take part in making it even better by joining the forums and giving your feedback, suggestions, bug reports…
I can also tell you where to find a promotional code or two to add space to your account. I’ve already made several suggestions myself and Keith (OMG Keith?! Haha yeah of course what’dya think? Keith Kurson is behind this new image hosting site of course. ^_^), and Keith got down to work and has already implemented one of them.

So, ever heard of
I LOVE that place, full of gadgets and stuff you probably don’t actually need. Well my latest purchase from them is this really cute pink mp3/mp4 music, video, radio player and ebook reader. It was a lot cheaper than buying a well known brand and you get free shipping with anything you buy there anyway so I’m really pleased with it.

And then Saturday my gorgeous blue hawaiian flower themed Tamagotchi v4.5 I bought on Ebay arrived, the latest Tamagotchi to be released. I simply love it. So many more features, games, points to be earned, characters, options… It’s wonderful, I can’t stop playing with it. Which is the whole point after all. So my first generation tama is a boy so I’ve called him Liloe and tomorrow he should be turning 2 bless his cotton socks. 😀

I do have a few Subeta related updates too I promise.
New Glacier Pherret, revamped Bloodred Sheeta and Velosotor can all be found in the image gallery* and the old Bloodred Sheeta and Velosotor have gone to join the archives*.
I think you should just check this out, old and new Bloodred Velosotor:

Ok because you read all the way down to the last line, or will do in a few seconds, here is a promotional code you can use at 495al.
Thanks to SubetaHQ for that one. <3 Visit AvatarLog for another one.

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