What A Month!

♥ Affie gift from Kat*, see below, plus she has a new layout for her site. 🙂
♥ New lay. also for Vi*, who celebrates her birthday today!
♥ And two new affiliates: Webitect* and Zuri at Recortes-y-recuerdos*!

♥ November’s Donation Presents
Morostide Makeup Case
♥ New Wigs
♥ New Keith Answers video (n°15); beware of the hair!

Feral Accessory Trunk to follow soon.

My Pullip Anne-Sophie now has a real collection of wigs… Her original purple wig, a brunette wig, a reddish “Little Red Riding Hood” wig, a blonde wavy wig, a blonde goldilocks wig and today a lovely pink “My Melody” wig arrived too. It’s a shame I’m just too tired to take photos right now. I’ve also sewn my first ever little hat for her and my sister has made her all sorts of elegant dresses and jewellery too.

Teahouse MB is wrapping up the Halloween activities right now and already some other regular contests have started up again. There’s the pixel contest (that I’ve entered!) and the photography contest too.
We’re also thinking of having a few more areas to talk about particular books, movies or shows. So make sure you pop over there and take part in the poll to help us decide on what would be the most popular subjects! You can also leave suggestions and any ideas you may have. If Lord Of The Rings, Jane Austen or Lost go through, I’ve volunteered to add a few topics to each of those. Oh and anyone can volunteer by the way! C:

♠ And big news for me, yesterday I made my first donation to a charitable organisation! I’d been meaning to do it for months and finally yesterday I went onto the Word Vision website and got it finalised.
I have already asked this question on Teahouse but I was wandering: have any of you ever done a donation to a charity/organisation/association? It can be a donation of money or clothes perhaps, or even time.

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  1. 🙂 Thanks for all the nice tags and the egg clicks! I hope you’ll be alright! My birthday was nice thanks, we just went out for dinner, hehe 😛 Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll do my best in school. It’s so hard though ><

  2. haha. i will definitely keep you updated on the “combining website idea”. it sounds so official… like an important document. XD.
    i’ve heard of All Saints day before. it is very true that the living are just as important as the dead lol
    i have supported a charity/organization. i’ve been to help out in the soup kitchen and i’ve helped out in a veterans hospital before. it was an amazing experience and it felt really good to help others 😀

  3. Hello there! When I was in high school I was a member of the English club and we always tried to help our community and some organizations. I remember that one year Peru suffered an earth quake(if my memory doesn’t fail) and our club was in charge of collecting the donations at our school; Puerto Rico was one of the countries that help them. We used to go to children hospitals and collected items for elder people. And this month my church will also make donations to give as a Christmas gift to a Home that takes care of homeless children. I think that helping others like that not only benefits them, it also makes us grow as a better human being 😀

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