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My tagger was… KAT! Tut tut tut… Naughty naughty. Once I get started with polls, quizzes or questionnaires I can’t stop 😮

My 7 facts:

1. Despist recently turning 21, I am still at this moment playing with a tamagotchi toy. (Have raised 4 generations. Go Me!)

2. I admire my sister, she is strong, she is brave, she is intelligent. Yet just a few years ago, I did not understand that she could no longer spend time with me because she was sick. And we drew further and further away. She is now more than ever one of my heroes and one of my friends too. Saffy, me <3 you big sis. 3. I have several very close friends but my best friend is the same one as 11 years ago. She’s wonderful and I’ve know her long enough to know her faults and once I put those aside, I just keep finding her more and more qualities. I see her once a year, at Christmas, when she and her mother come to visit me.

4. I have met online some really really nice people. And I genuinely feel friends with them just as if it were offline. We may never meet, we may or may not ever send letters, but somehow that hasn’t stopped me finding friendship on the web, or rather friendship finding me.

5. My first pet was a mouse, my second a guinea-pig, my third a dog. My fourth a horse?

6. I love pens. I love paper. I love desk gadgets. I Love Things.

7. I use fountain pens and write in cursive and have throughout my school years. Hehe that comes from being educated in France! Doubt people even write much in school now; so much is typed instead.

And I tag: Anne + Liz + Madison + Aly!
If they wish to join of course. =)

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  1. Aw, thanks, Jo! You always, always know how to comfort me! I’m naughty? Aw well too bad I love being a little cheeky at times… -rubs hands- muahahahaha!! XD

    Have a great day!

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