Day off

I’m having a complete day off today! :!! So other than checking a few threads on Teahouse later in the day, you probably won’t see me around.
I feel like I’ve been needing one of theses for ages. Being housebound means that my life is on internet. Offline, I have no life. It’s not living. Internet is my escape, my door to the world, to travelling, friends, news, creation and imagination. It’s a place where I can be of use, a place that changes so often that changes become familiar and comforting. Offline any little change turns my world upside down. I share the house with 3 other people and 2 dogs. And that my friends is like a perpetual rollercoaster. So I escape via this little laptop and spend hours day and night moving around my fluo pink mouse.

But today, I’m going to attempt something: a 24 hour survival expedition into my offline world or what most people would refer to as “my life”. I’ve got my nerves solidly attached, patience packed and several recharges of 5 minute batteries to charge my conversations with in the eventuality I meet someone and my latest trick doesn’t work.

For several weeks now I feel like I’ve reverted back to some kind of primitive language which consists of hugging the person or creature attempting to get an answer or response out of me. It’s pretty basic really, and it’s a language accessible to all, young and not so young (I was going to say old but the arthritis can be a bit of a problem.. But then again I suffer of that too so let’s move on), the slim and not so slim (it’s a bit more tricky for us chubby girls but you know what they say, “the more to hug” right? C;), um the tall and small (I still remember hugging my dad’s boney knees as a kid and it tickling my chin..).
And really there’s nothing much to it.

  1. Open wide arms.
  2. Close arms around person, animal or object.
  3. Squeeze.
  4. (Then release victim and run in oposite direction.)

As to updates, there are tons. They will have to wait a little longer though. Sorry! :s

It’s 5:52am my time, my day off will begin at 9am when my alarm clock goes off. Wish me Luck! ^_^

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  1. aww! thank you! i’m glad you (and your sister) liked it *(^_^)* . I almost didn’t put the sheep on it. but then i decided it needed a little something extra. lol!

  2. Aww lucky… a COMPLETE DAY!?!?!? I had a half day… XP

    Anywayz Fluffy Toast is off hiatus because it’s easter break! We have until next tuesday, but that’s only because we’re going on hhhaaawwwlliiidaaayyyyy!!! XDXDXD lol

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