Two Questions (updated)

First of all, I’d like to mention that I have a new link exchange, with Abbie of!

Now, onto those questions!

Here’re two typical topics you might find on forums. Well recently two members of THMB actually added them so I thought, oh why not, I’ll give it a shot and have a think about what my answers would be.

  1. If you were given three wishes…
  2. What is/are you life goal(s)?

The replies people wrote were pretty interesting actually. Serious! And to think all this time I’d been labelling questions like that as superficial & pointless. Pff! I’m now of the opinion that if given proper thought, you can learn quite a bit about someone from their answers.

So, here’s what we’re gonna do:

  • Post your replies here, or alternatively copy the questions and answer them on your own web space & let me know
  • I’ll add my reply to Q°1 below, and will show you my reply to Q°2 after three people have participated.

Deal? Deal. Perfect!

If you were given three wishes…

Wish n°1: I would wish for one wish only.

My reasoning is that I’ve seen way too many films on wishes going awfully wrong. Scarred for life now! >_>”

Thank you all of you for your replies! Just as I thought, I think they describe each of you quite well as far as I can tell. ^_^ And as promised here are my replies. If you thought yours were cheezy, just wait and see! Ha!

OK so, don’t laugh! If I had to narrow my life goals down to the one most important goal for my life, it would sound a bit like this.

In vague terms: be a testimony to the world of God’s love.

In every-day-Joanna-therms:
– I want to be the person there when someone is in need
– I want to be the arms that hug the sad, the hurt, and the lonely
– I want to be the smile that cheers on, encourages, and gives hope
– I want to be the voice that soothes, inspires, and helps
– I want to be the hands that make, carry, give, and feed
– and I want to be the presence that you can rely on, trust, confide in, and laugh openly with.

That’s pretty much it really. Easy peezy, right? … lol

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  1. Jo! Thanks for accepting my ex-link request! ^o^ I’ve added your site on my ex-links’ page. 😉

    I use the font Teaspoon on the “Cutescape”. ^^ Does it really look like a handdrawn? =D Yes, FileZilla and WordPress are really awesome! I can’t believe I could have built a website using those two tools. *thumbs up*

    I can’t wait to see your new layout! ^^

    Take care.


  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick again! I hope things get better for you soon! TH can be addicting, can’t it? I used to be addicted to a couple of MBs. 😛 I opened up my Blogger to the public today! I like Blogger quite a bit. It makes things simple for me. 🙂


  3. I think that your goal is awesome, just like you. I know that you will accomplish it in the name of God, I also believe that you have already begun reaching your goal ^-^

  4. Ooh what a cute idea!

    If I were given 3 wishes:
    1) large amount of money
    2) good health
    3) to find love (cheesey I know :p)

  5. This is off topic… Please drop by my site to pick up your gift, it’s on the side bar under the updates ^_^

  6. My wishes would be that I could have strong faith, the fruits of the Spirit, and that my heart may will God’s will. My ultimate life goal is to use my gifts to serve and glorify God.

  7. 1.If you were given three wishes…
    a)That Puerto Rico would never suffer from any type of catastrophe. (I’m having second thoughts on this one, ’cause then people will get too confident and they will never learn…)

    b)That the negotiations at my university finally had an end that will make everyone happy.

    c)That I could visit Japan! lol

    What is/are you life goal(s)?
    One of my big goals in life is that I want to be one of the best Puerto Rican teachers. This also includes being better than the ones who taught me. I’m a bit ambitious with this goal because I want to leave a mark in the education of all the children that pass through my hands. I want to be the teacher that when they look back many years after they left my classroom they can say “she was one of the best teachers I had and I learned a lot with her”.

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