1. over here they took down the lights of public gardens and fronts (they put up candles i believe) – but they didn’t promote it enough with the people heh – sadly i had forgotten all about it as well! 🙁

  2. I love Earth Hour! I look forward to it every year. My country tries to help promote Earth Hour by turning the carpark lights off, and dimming the mall’s lights.
    Last year, my baby sister and I celebrated Earth Hour by watching a movie on my laptop without the lights on. I might be doing the same this year too.
    How are you celebrating Earth Hour?

  3. I’ve heard about this event, sadly here they don’t promote it. I think is amazing how turning the lights off for just an hour can help the environment.

    Thank you very much for your comment! I was really happy to read it, and I also received your package this week so that was a special birthday gift too 😀 We could celebrate our birthdays together one day!

    Oh I have a little question, I think I already know the answer but just to be sure… That’s star paper right? I was like “what is this? O.o” and then I recognize it XD I had never seen it in real life before lol

    1. Ha, yes, sorry, you’re right! It is Origami star paper. ^_^ I didn’t know if they sold it in PR, so I thought it might make a novel type of gift to send to you.

      They don’t promote Earth Hour much in France either. That being said, I can’t really comment because I’m barely in touch with current French affairs. We don’t use the tv at all anymore and I mostly follow the big headlines from around the world. Earth hour doesn’t get a mention. My Mum listens to French radio though. I should try to remember to ask her if it was ever mentioned.

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