I Just Need To Moan A Little Bit

*pulls greasy hair out* Ahhhh! So frustrated!!
The following is an attempt to “listify” the problems I have encountered over the last couple of days. (And yes, this is a wingey type of post.)

1. My Acer Aspire 3003WLMi laptop has 5% free disk space.
This means that every single program either loads slow or can’t open at all.
It also means that every right click freezes my screen and takes goodness knows how long to “unmultiply’ itself so that I can actually read the right click options.
It also means that everything that is important to me, that was saved on my computer, is currently being scattered around the web in ZIP files. Photobucket, Imageshack, Windows Live SkyDrive (which is pretty awesome by the way)… You name it, I’ve probably got some of my stuff there.
My USB key is full too. How did this happen? Why did I leave it get so bad?
Oh man, I wish I knew the exact answers to those questions. But here’s my guess: I think I’ve become an obsessive collecter. I’m only just coming to terms with that revelation. I thought I was doing pretty well! I’ve given countless bags to Amnesty International, random visitors, neighbours… Every draw in my room is still packed but at least the floor is close to clear. OK well there are perhaps still 8 boxes in the corner next to the window… But it’s not like I really use that area anyway, just to open the window that’s all. So here I was congratulating myself on my progress. On the surface, my room seems pretty tidy. Just don’t look in the 16 drawers, 2 cupboards, 5 shelves, under the bed, on top of the cupboards, or near the window.

But it turns out that I was still collecting “stuff” on my computer. Emoticons, brushes, scans, resources I will never use, tutorials I don’t have the time to try out, FREE PROGRAMS and TOOLS! Just tell me something is free and cool and I’ll stock it on my laptop. Surely one day it will come in handy… Right?
I’ve practically saved the whole of Subeta on my computer too. Except items. I have all the pets, characters, shop icons, minions and then on top of that I have all the old versions, pre-revamp images, of all of those. And the screen shots! Oh my gosh the screen shots… You did something kind for me? I screenied it. You gave me a prezzie, I screenied it. You were really rude, didn’t respect rules in your dealings with me, I screenied it. And then I’ve got all the random events too.

Everything mentioned above accounts for a bit less than 50% of the rubbish I have collected over the past 3 years. I don’t have that many videos or music tracks. I don’t have any games other than Spider Solitaire and the default ones that come along with a Microsoft computer so at least those aren’t responsible for all this mess.
So that is the first reason for my headache right now. Let’s see what else there is, shall we?

2. I have hardly been on Subeta.
That’s one of my favourite websites! I’ve been missing out on so many things! Which results into the following.

3. My website is being neglected.
It’s not that I haven’t had updates or things to talk about. It’s just the whole computer spazzing thing made everything take a lot longer than normal. I’m already pretty slow; my brain just isn’t capable of registering new information and then processing it like it used to.

  • I have given a gift to LilVet* (aka Zoey) via a fun service Crazy-cutie.eu* recently put in place (check it out at the bottom of the Gifts Given page).
  • I have adopted a new one of a kind adoption and revamped that page a little bit, also from Crazy-Cutie.eu.
  • I won the title of Best Advice in the 2nd Annual Teahouse Awards* and added the precious award to my awards page.

4. I’m all spotty.
Yeah, greasy hair and spotty. I feel great thanks. I’ve been baking in my room facing North-East. If I wasn’t at the bottom of France perhaps I would be able to see Dover from my window. (lol What kind of logic is that?)

5. My breasts aren’t clip on
But I wish they were. So at night I would just un-clip the left and the right one and I would sleep so peacefully! My t-shirts would fit and I wouldn’t feel as self conscious about low neck lines and cleavage being revealed when I bend down. And then for nights out (L.O.L. What nights out?) I could clip them back on and wear en elegant dress and all that.

Yeah right. And the Ogre version of Prince Charming will use his spider web powers to climb the building wall, knock at my window, and then whisper “Good Evening Loïs…”.

But you know, I’m good. Keeping sane.
~ Jo

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