1. My family went to Wells-Next-the-Sea too! We went there on our first visit to the coast. It was a brisk spring, still quite chilly and wet! I loved seeing the colorful huts. They looked so cozy and relaxed, nestled on the beach.

    I loved the clouds in England. They were often so distinctive. Which is funny, you would expect the sky and the clouds to look the same wherever you are, but this is not the case! In America the skies are usually completely cloudless, or nearly. It must be because England is an island that it has such beautiful clouds. I remember first cloud gazing as a child in the Azores, on an even smaller island. ^U^ In the U.S. clouds often appear just before sunset to reflect the purple, pink, and orange hues. 🙂

  2. Aww, thank you for your kind words about my header-image, Joanna. 😀

    I’ll check out the lottery on TMB tomorrow!

  3. I’m so glad your mum enjoyed my photos so much! I’t’s wonderful to know my photos can evoke emotion in others. My sister asked me the same question, if that purple flower is a thistle. But I really don’t know what it is. I wish I knew more about wildflowers. 🙂

    That’s wonderful you have your own little vegetable patch! I love eating from the garden. Cherry tomatoes are always a fun pop of color in a salad. I’m sorry your cucumber plants have been ravaged. Something devoured my French lavender plant as well. I love mint but I’ve never added it to my tea before. I should try that the next time I get the chance!

    “Canicule” sounds very uncomfortable, sleeping in the humid heat. I hope it cools down for you! I’m glad you don’t have many mosquitoes in your part of France. Having so few mosquitoes (and other pests) is one of the things I enjoyed in England. They’re not that bad in Michigan, but I’ve already had more mosquito bites here in a few months than I did in four and a half years in England. And I’ve been bitten by a tick. D:

    I’m really thrilled to have a job. I do still feel like the dummy at work though. I make lots of little mistakes, and haven’t learned to recognise all that needs to be done. I’m sure I’ll find my place though. My mom also got a part-time job at a convenience store! My dad has started a big push in his job search.

    I don’t mind you asking about my income. 😉 I plan on using half of what I earn to pay for college. I also want to save for a car. However, this means I will have to be prudent about spending money on my hobbies. In high school I studied personal finance, and my textbook really stressed financial responsibility. I’ve taken budgeting quite seriously since then! I’ve decided it’s my goal to go through college and to purchase a car with incurring any debt.

    I really love your new layout! It displays some of my favorite colors, and the little woodland pixels are so sweet! Congratulations on Paused Life’s fourth anniversary!

    I’m glad you were feeling so well when you left your message on my blog! It was a real treat to hear so much from you! I hope you have many more days like that. ^U^

    <3 Suzy

  4. Thank you Joanna! I didn’t expect to get SOTM at Teahouse, considering I’m not nearly as active on there anymore. 🙁

    Corey is growing fast! I love it & am sad at the same time because I want him to stay a baby forever in my arms! Thank you again!

    I don’t know what that pain was, but it went away after a few days. Those were the longest days of my life, besides right after Corey was born. I could barely lift him to feed him without feeling any pain. It was awful, but I guess that ibuprofen & tylenol helped out. The chief at medical said that it probably wasn’t something pulled, since I wasn’t feeling dizzy or had any sickness. It could’ve been from lifting Corey because he is getting a bit bigger, but I don’t even carry him on my left side! My mind was boggled. 0_0


    Ooh, I might have to check out that THMB lottery. I love cute kawaii things!

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