Misaki and Caz

It’s been so long since I’ve written a proper blog entry that I almost don’t know how to anymore. So I’ve decided I am just going to go ahead and type and hope for the best. 🙂

A New Link Exchange…

Misaki of LoveFlakes.net has agreed to exchange links with me, so please do check out her website and honour her hard work with some lovely comments!

Misaki @ LoveFlakes.net

… And My First Ever Hostee!

The artist and dear friend who’s site I’m now hosting has been associated with several different website addresses: caz.sugar-melody.net / lucid.wishable.net / catch-a-star.net. Whether you’ve been in the Pixel Community for some time or are a more recent member, there’s no doubt you will recognise at least one of those. 🙂

Caz draws incredibly cute and original little pixel characters. Me = a really really big fan. <3 Although part of the reason I wanted her to bring back her site was because I sorely missed my kawaii fix, there are a few other reasons too. One of those is that when someone has put so much effort into their work, it's always a real shame to not have somewhere to go to admire the results. And as my own site isn't going anywhere any time soon, I felt I was in a position to offer her a long term home for "Catch A Star". Even if she never did any more work to it, it still works just as much as a stand-alone gallery of her past pixel artwork. Another reason is because I'm so proud of her. Not just of her artwork and distinct style, but because of her as a person. From the first time we talked, she has always been gentle and friendly and kind. Humble about her art too! Over time I discovered a strong and bright woman, with her own opinions and who isn't afraid to curse when the situation calls for it! LOL Her generous heart still takes me by surprise today, and makes me wonder how she does it! I'll forever remember the day I first found the courage to comment on her website after this particular pixel, the Wishing Well Bunny, made its apparition: caz.pausedlife.com
You know that moment when you come across something so cute, so gorgeous, so adorable, that it almost hurts to breathe? In fact in some cases you forget completely how to breathe; you’ve had your breath taken away. I’d seen a few kawaii personal sites before this moment of course, and had been a long-time follower of Caz’s work. But for some reason it was this particular little bunny that really changed things for me.

I was a lurker. Timid and not particularly confident, I didn’t leave comments on people’s websites. At all. But I took the plunge that day and wrote a comment on her site saying exactly what I felt and how much I admired this huggable, lovable, dinky lil Wishing Well Bunny!

Over the years we kept in contact, either through our respective sites or through TeaHouse. We lost touch again for a while, until out of the blue I received a message on Subeta where we both have an account. I can’t tell you how happy I was! 😀 And shortly afterwards I offered to host “Catch A Dream”.

You know what to do next!

Change all your links to Caz.pausedlife.com
then visit her site yourself and catch up on all the news!

Visit Caz.pausedlife.net!

[edit March 15th]
I just adopted a new special adoption, my first since 2009! I guess people just stopped making them and they went out of fashion. But yesterday I fell on this super cute site called Vampirmaniac which has only just recently opened I think, and the webmiss, Mel, had some special adoptions still available. I was lucky enough to snag this one in time. I think there’s only one left, so hurry if you want one too! (See The Nursery for my older “special adoption” pixels)

Surprise Hatching Dragon Egg, by Mel of Vampirmaniac.coffeecup.com


I’m also exchanging links with her site now! 😀 (Link Exchanges)

Happy 4th Anniversary PL!

Thank you all so much for sticking around, even after all this time! PausedLife.com celebrated it’s four year anniversary last month (I first registered the domain name on the 21/June/2008).

As for the website itself – address aside, despite a short period on Freewebs.com during 2006, it has been pretty much as it is now since 9/February/2007 when I was first hosted by my sister (who now hosts this domain too).
That’s over five years of being webmisstress to this website! ^__^