May’s pixel contest on TeaHouse MB has a very kawaii theme this month…
Please do continue to submit your entries, and check out those already there. 🙂 The deadline is May 27, just two days away now!

And I’ve just added a ton of new before/after minion images from Subeta, as it would seem the artists there are on a revamp roll, with hundreds of items being redrawn this month!

May is Lyme Disease & M.E. awareness month.
Don’t forget to read up about those two disabling conditions!

The Reading Drive, etc

Hiya! Just thought I’ve give you a heads up. The Subeta Twitter account just recently posted an update hinting at an upcoming Reading Drive (game is here). It’s probably not just yet but it’s good to be prepared. The Reading Drive reward shop gets some really cool new items in it each year. To get points for the shop, you need to turn in one copy of as many books as you can.

One tool that helps is using the SubetaLodge book list and ticking off any books you already have in stock, stored in your vault or a shop or something. Then just sort by price and hopefully stock up on many books like that.

Another tip is to use Wizard Tokens at Veta Lake’s vending machine, Blue Sky. It gives out books too.

I had originally sent this info to Melissa from Teahouse who’s also a Subeta player, and then thought it would be nice to share it with you all too. ^__^

Personal updates


  • second round of meds and injections (for chronic form of/damage from, Lyme’s Disease)
  • went outside for the first time in ages in order to be driven to a big town hospital for a brain scan. Results are encouraging, as the radios showed no signs of tissue lesions. It could mean that there is no permanent damage done to the brain. Phew!


  • celebrated by sister’s birthday (Hi Saffy!)
  • my Mum went to see a specialist and found out she has Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. Here again a relief to actually have it properly diagnosed and official.
  • had a home visit from Dr. B.
  • got BAPTISED at last!
  • celebrated Easter
  • began round three of treatment


  • saw Dr. T.
  • Teahouse Message Board was created in May 2006, by Jeannie & Lisa! And tomorrow, May 19th 2011, is Teahouse’s Opening Day anniversary, after it was reopened to the public May 2007, better than ever! 😀
  • shaved my head ’cause I couldn’t wash my hair regularly enough again. The up side is that I actually look pretty cool with just 3 millimeters of hair!
  • watched documentary Waiting For Superman (on, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in children’s education, teaching, or the US.

So, anyway… If you were wandering why I disappeared and have been so rude, especially to my affiliate friends, that’s more or less the outline of the past couple of months.