Kora + 1 minion revamped

The revamped Koras have joined the Subeta Image Gallery* and the old Koras can now be found in the Archives* too. I love my Subeta Archives. 🙂 I spent over a year collecting those old pet versions. I lost a precious amount during a computer crash this summer I think it was.
If you would like to contribute to either the Archives or the Revamped Minions page, just contact me. You will be credited for providing the image.

Lilly Rush.. In love? Hehe I’m watching Cold Case on french TV. Anyway, better go before the episode ends. ^_^


December is a very exciting month on Subeta and so naturally there are plenty of updates too. Ready? Ok here we go:

December ’07 Donation Presents 😀
18 new special items for this month, including at least 8 wearable items for your Human Avatars!

I’ve added Reindeer Following to the other three wearable following items: Kitty, Bunny and Puppy Followings.

Minion/Color combinations
I’ve added a new minion under Chibi and Nightmare.

Matter Minions
This months DP (Donation Present) includes the new Snowflaik Matter! I wish it was wearable too… -_-

Daily Do’s
December brings many new activities. Visit Melody and receive a little something from her Advent Calendar or participate in the Secret Santa game!