Featuring Pixel Christmas Website Layouts

I added a poem to the reading section today. It’s called “The Open Button“.
Let’s be honest, I don’t spontaneously write poems. But there was a writing contest on Teahouse MB and we were in need of a few more entries. And I won second place! I would be third but both Carly and Katie got a tie for first place. 🙂

I’d also like to quickly feature two very unique and distinguished pixel site layouts with the theme of Christmas. I would have featured more but several other websites I was thinking of had their theme changed to New Year.


The first layout is by Suzy from Poke A Dot* (Ha! I had originally misspelled it “Poke A Dog”. :P).
It was started way back in November to be ready in time for the season. Isn’t it lovely? I’ve never seen one quite like it. So feast your eyes and make the most of it before the layout is changed on Suzy’s website!


The second layout I wanted to show you is by Zuri from Recortes-y-Recuerdos*.
She had a lovely site theme before this one but you’ve got to admit that the fireside looks so warm and welcoming! And have you noticed the details? The cookies on a plate and the little angels on the mantel piece. Adorable, Zuri! 🙂

So those are my two picks for best pixel Christmas layouts.
Have you got any to suggest?
If you see one that is pixelled and Christmas themed, comment here with the link to the website if you like! 😀