Pierro, My TP Roll Buddy

special adoption Pierro I have a new special adoption join my already rather large family!

His name is Pierro and he’s one of Zuri’s TP Roll Buddies*! lol He’s holding a dog biscuit in the shape of a bone I think. Cute! :3

And I had a good day on the 27th for my 22nd birthday. I shared a strawberry pie with my sister and it was so good! We cut the pie in six pieces so that we could spread it out over the next coming days. It was lovely to have strawberries over the course of three days. 😛 I took some photos of it actually!


I also received some beautiful cards from the family.

So tired..

Um I have a few updates that I’ll be posting at a later date. I just wanted to say that I had a lovely 21th birthday, a big thankyou to all those who sent me their good wishes, and that I’m completely exausted.
I’ve just seen my Mum off into an taxi-ambulance taking her to the rest home for a month. So our carers, for my sister and I, will be including for the time being: my Grandmother who flew specialy from England to France to help out, our next door neighbour Jessica and a family friend Samia. Dad is in England and won’t be back ’til a day after Mum comes back.
This is seriously messed up. :poo

Haha! So there you go. And I’ve always tried to keep my site as a hobby rather than an obligation so obviously health problems come first.

Things I will be adding, most probably behind your back (aka maybe not making a news post about):

I’ve adopted a lovely new pixel and will make sure it settles in alright with the others. Her name is Plain Jane and she was adopted from Madison of Dear Blossom!

And I also joined a gorgeous Tamagotchi Love Clique by Jenna of Retro Panda Hugs!
Click the button or go check out my entry here.

Tamagotchi Love Clique

And I made a few bits and bobs you can use for avatars, backgrounds, layouts.. Rubbish to some may be treasure to others so you’ll just have to rummage around and see if there is anything you like.

Um what else, Subeta is having a few new servers added to it over the next few days I think.
Teahouse Mb is running loads of activities again so if you haven’t yet, join and have a look round.
Aaand I’m switching my brain off so… I guess I’ll see you all once I turn the power back on. :zZ

Take care, many hugs, JO. <3 Ps:
I would have shared my birthday cake with you all but we had Maltesers instead.. :gift

Happy New Year!

Hello 2008! Have I got news for you!

➡ The 1st of January brings of course the end of the Advent Calendar event on Subeta (check you’re not missing any on the advent page), but… but January also brings a list of new Donation Presents for this month!
So you can go check out all the donation presents right here or go directly to January 2008 DP’s by clicking on the parcel.

➡ And January just happens to be the month I was popped out into the world and began my journey along the path of life. And I am proud to announce that on the 27 of this month it will have been 21 years. *(^_^)*