Unnecessary Cruelty To Animals Travelling

I’ve had enough!

I just took part in an online campaign I came across. It’s about preventing animals suffering unnecessary cruelty when travelled from one country to another.

I don’t watch animal cruelty awareness videos as a general rule because I don’t need to see the cruelty to know how it happens and that it’s still widely practised today.
Oh look how civilised we are..

But I did watch one just now. These sheep were shown travelling long distances in trucks, boats and even cars. Do you want to know what hurt the most? It wasn’t the lack of space or water or food that really got at me, it was the extra horribleness of the humans on top of all that!

Sometimes I feel such hatred towards our kind. I also don’t understand why God wanted his creation to have free will. Why did he give us the choice when robots would have obeyed him no questions asked? Why do some people seem to be so aware of their conscience and others give me the impression of being heartless and ruthless, horrible little beings? *screws up pieces of paper and starts flicking them all over the place*

Not only we can make a difference but we must make a difference. This is our duty as a human being living on this planet today. Click on the link below to find out more and decide whether you want to take part or not. I too have signed the letter. My name is there, bold and clear, and I’m not ashamed of it.
–> Handle With Care: Stop long distance transport of animals for slaughter*

Videos and more information at HandleWithCare.tv/rspca/*.

I was so so angry after seeing how us humans are capable of being down right cruel. I’m sick of it, I don’t know what to do to help change this other than asking you to ask others to open their eyes on this situation and MAKE NOISE!
This had got to stop. Now and for ever more. No more preventable suffering during long travels for these living creatures. It’s not right; we know it, they know it, and we have the knowledge and technology to change this. It has got to stop.

Please help me! Write about it, draw about it, sing about it, annoy the sh*t out of people about it, I don’t care what it takes as long as you don’t do any damage to someone. I just want to turn this little ripple into a wave and see the wave become a tsunami that becomes so big, companies and workers have no other option but to give in to the pressure and change their methods.

I’m thinking of making a t-shirt each for my dogs, but what would I write on them?
If I knew the names of some of these meat distributors, I could at least boycott their products and encourage others to do the same.

I feel useless, powerless and incredibly small. :/ Yet I really really do want to do something (constructive! I’m trying very hard to not think about punching in the face all of those people in the video. Despite it being tempting to track them down and wee(1) on their front car seats, and get Tommy our dog to do his “Walking Poo Act”(2) all around their house and at every single exit door at their work place.)
Violence just isn’t the key though, which is one of the main reasons why I don’t support P.E.T.A. They may have good reasons and “proof” about something fishy going on, but I completely disagree with their methods.

I think the next step for me is to either try and make a few graphics to start a clique with, or more concretely, do some research on the meat products sold at out local supermarket and convince my parents to not buy them. Oh and the neighbours too. I’ll get my wheelchair out and look really pathetic. At least they’ll have to open the door to me. Can’t be rude to a handicapped person now can ya?! lol (I do hope I never use my current health problems as an excuse to be mean to others…)

Who knew, this whole housebound sickness might come in useful after all… He he he! 😉

xx Joanna

(1) wee = pee
(2) poo = poop