May’s pixel contest on TeaHouse MB has a very kawaii theme this month…
Please do continue to submit your entries, and check out those already there. 🙂 The deadline is May 27, just two days away now!

And I’ve just added a ton of new before/after minion images from Subeta, as it would seem the artists there are on a revamp roll, with hundreds of items being redrawn this month!

May is Lyme Disease & M.E. awareness month.
Don’t forget to read up about those two disabling conditions!

Filling Up The Nursery

I adopted some new one of a kind, special adoptions! 😀 Hi hi!

I adopted a total of three this week, and they include a diary by, a Lime Egg by, and a Star Catching Bunny by And they’re so cute!

Please please go take a look at them and say Aww! for me! You’ll find them in The Nursery. ^__^

Also this week, I bought myself an MP3 player! 😀 I had my eye on this one particular model for some time and after much thinking, finally bought it a couple of days ago. It arrived yesterday and it’s way smaller than I thought; I was expecting it to be bulky for some reason. Anyway, I love it. It does everything it’s supposed to do and it’s black and sleek and neat.

I chose the Creative Zen model, with a 32 GB flash based memory, and memory card slot.

Creative Zen 32 GB



Written Material

I’m going through the links changing the name of this section from Reads to Written Material (as opposed to graphic material).
Along the way I updated how that page is laid out. Hopefully it should now be a bit easier on the eye.
Some new material for you to read is waiting there for you guys as well.


I added a load of bits and bobs from my computer over to the Website Navigation Material page. I’ll admit it’s a bit messy though. Hopefully you’ll find your way around all the same.
And I recoloured the outlines and filled in the backgrounds of the Outlines I offer. I added some new ones as well and updated the terms of use for that page if I remember right.


arid priggle


I have some new Quizz results up on my part of the site if you’re interested in having a go at some yourself too. I love quizzes. They’re still just as attractive to me as, say, ten years ago. :3
I made a page for some photos I’ve called Meet My Ex-Room-mate too. I posted these a while back on Teahouse MB(out link) (which is back up by the way!) and wanted to share the hairiness with the rest of web. Go see for yourself!

And that’s it from me today. I’m dead. :/ I upgraded the website to WordPress version 8 last night and was so close to loosing the whole thing. Then the forum was inaccessible. We had one of the home-helps, Valérie, over today, so I was shooed out of my bedroom for it’s weekly inspection. lol Actually she was just coming to pass the vacuum cleaner but as I was up all night fixing the website, I went and crashed out in my parents bedroom this morning and ended up staying there until mid-afternoon. At which point I put together pieces for a new topic on Teahouse about the AF 447 flight, but didn’t get round to posting it because, as mentioned above, it was not in a friendly disposition, thus leaving me outside on the doorstep. And now that it is back up, I’m about to get ready to put my head down. T_T Horrible stinky hot long day.

Oh and please please don’t forget to take a look at Kayla’s contest. Not only are the prizes pretty huge (really huge in my opinion! :D), this is also the first contest she organising at Webitect(out link). So check it out, ne? Thank you!

And before I hop off on my way, I’m terribly sorry to the Subeta users who have been faced with broken links on that part of the site here. I continue to repair those pages behind scenes. Thank you to those who have left comments on the pages they are particularly wanting to see back up! still is partly a Subeta fan site and I have no plans on changing that in the near future. ^__^ So thanks for sticking around!