What A Month!

♥ Affie gift from Kat*, see below, plus she has a new layout for her site. 🙂
♥ New lay. also for Vi*, who celebrates her birthday today!
♥ And two new affiliates: Webitect* and Zuri at Recortes-y-recuerdos*!

♥ November’s Donation Presents
Morostide Makeup Case
♥ New Wigs
♥ New Keith Answers video (n°15); beware of the hair!

Feral Accessory Trunk to follow soon.

My Pullip Anne-Sophie now has a real collection of wigs… Her original purple wig, a brunette wig, a reddish “Little Red Riding Hood” wig, a blonde wavy wig, a blonde goldilocks wig and today a lovely pink “My Melody” wig arrived too. It’s a shame I’m just too tired to take photos right now. I’ve also sewn my first ever little hat for her and my sister has made her all sorts of elegant dresses and jewellery too.

Teahouse MB is wrapping up the Halloween activities right now and already some other regular contests have started up again. There’s the pixel contest (that I’ve entered!) and the photography contest too.
We’re also thinking of having a few more areas to talk about particular books, movies or shows. So make sure you pop over there and take part in the poll to help us decide on what would be the most popular subjects! You can also leave suggestions and any ideas you may have. If Lord Of The Rings, Jane Austen or Lost go through, I’ve volunteered to add a few topics to each of those. Oh and anyone can volunteer by the way! C:

♠ And big news for me, yesterday I made my first donation to a charitable organisation! I’d been meaning to do it for months and finally yesterday I went onto the Word Vision website and got it finalised.
I have already asked this question on Teahouse but I was wandering: have any of you ever done a donation to a charity/organisation/association? It can be a donation of money or clothes perhaps, or even time.

New Month, New Donation Present

Right on time, the Subeta Staff have released this month’s Donation Present. Presented in a stylist two-tone Autumn Orange gift wrapped box, 2008’s August DP includes 15 different items, of which 6 are wearable. There is also a secret item to be found by using one of these 15 Donation Items.

The month of August is generally associated with the peridot and the lion, also called Leo, from the horoscope. August also reminds us that Autumn isn’t far away. So I hope you all enjoy this month, making the most of every bit of sun you can get and every precious moment with friends and family too.

Wow! Subeta is bombing us with updates!

With SubetaHQ down, so many people including me are looking for other sources for info on the latest Subeta item releases. So let’s put the personal blogs aside a minute and concentrate on feeding the hungry Subetans that may fall upon my site.

If you’re wondering what on earth is PausedLife.com, well it’s simply the new name of Joanna.suppi.net. 🙂

Now that confusion is cleared up, on to the updates!! I killed me bum last night working on adding a script to see previews so I’ve only added the most sought after right now. But if the system works then I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t add any and all previews I can find. *(^_^)*
Enough blabla, on to the good stuff:

The lastest Myterious Costume Trunks: Locked Box of Sweetness, Shiny Blue Orb and Medieval Helmet (with rollover previews)

Another Cash Shop item: Lovely Vintage Hat Box (with previews too)

And last but not least: July ’08 Donation Presents (with previews!)

July Donation Present