Exhaustion Patch

Dear friends, affiliates, and visitors,
I’ve just fallen into an exhaustion patch again, like I do a couple of times a year because of the Lyme Disease(out link). I do have good hope however that my situation and that of my family will start to improve once we’ve got into a routine with the three new ladies who will be our home-helps for a while.

Meanwhile I will continue to update the site when ever I can, as there really is a lot falling to pieces which I find sad. And I will be renewing this domain name shortly as well. Going through an exhaustion patch also means less social interaction and blog type updates, which I’ve been sorely missing for a little while already. Older affiliates will have experienced this a couple of times before and so I feel at rest knowing you don’t think I’m ignoring you or acting like it’s a one sided friendship. I do think of you all and look at your websites and work regularly. I’m so proud to be affiliated with you!

As for the visitors of this website, I wish I could work so much more on improving this place so that you can find what you’re looking for, and suggest what is not there. I do appreciate your visits here and to the Subeta Image Gallery and Subeta Image Archives. Thank you once more for being here!

Two of my affiliates, Kat and Vi, have good news to share. Kat is now the owner of her very own domain name, Fluffytoast.info(out link), and Vi’s website now resides under Kat’s domain, at Vi.fluffytoast.info(out link). I’m very happy for them both; they’ve put a lot of work into their websites. Please do visit if you get a chance to; they have new site layouts up too!

Thank you all for your support and patience,
God Bless,
xx Jo

Updated page

Portfolio, with my two latest graphics:
– a site button for Zuri(out link)
– and an avatar for offline friend Audrey.

But yesterday night I realised that I had forgotten a letter to Zuri’s website name!! OoO

2009-04-03 News

EDIT: Monday April 6th 2009
I’m sorting and renaming some of the Subeta images on my site. Some will not appear until I have updated the code with their new name.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! <3 EDIT: Wednesday April 8th 2009
I killed my layout! Ha ha! lol

The Spazland doll maker was revamped. n_n So I had a little play around with it. And the doll on the side is me, Spazzland-ified! 😛

And for those who are curious to see what I ended up drawing for Ferny, take a look at my art portfolio for the avatar and signature I drew her. n_n

Site wise, I’ve added a new page with the picture and name of the items needed to create the Frankencluck and Frankenpie. Check out the Franken pieces page and tell me what you think.

And I’m pretty fond of this particular feature that I’ve included into my main Subeta gallery. It’s a section entirely dedicated to Subeta Error Pages*! lol

Still Subeta related, the equine type animal, Hikei, went through with it’s revamp this week. It’s quite a popular species to adopt but hopefully it’s updated art will please the majority. You can still find the previous Hikei versions* in the archives gallery, and the current and new Hikeis* in the main gallery. 🙂

More of a personal blog next time; right now I’m feeling really tired. Oh and please do take a look at Kat*’s new layout. It’s been up for several days already but it’s really nice to look at and browse her website with.

Bunch of hugs to you all out there,
xx Jo