Filling Up The Nursery

I adopted some new one of a kind, special adoptions! 😀 Hi hi!

I adopted a total of three this week, and they include a diary by, a Lime Egg by, and a Star Catching Bunny by And they’re so cute!

Please please go take a look at them and say Aww! for me! You’ll find them in The Nursery. ^__^

Also this week, I bought myself an MP3 player! 😀 I had my eye on this one particular model for some time and after much thinking, finally bought it a couple of days ago. It arrived yesterday and it’s way smaller than I thought; I was expecting it to be bulky for some reason. Anyway, I love it. It does everything it’s supposed to do and it’s black and sleek and neat.

I chose the Creative Zen model, with a 32 GB flash based memory, and memory card slot.

Creative Zen 32 GB