A Costume Trunk & A Lottery

Subeta has been raking in the art ever since the first day of 2009. I can hardly keep up! Let alone compete with the popular and big fan sites. But to compete and become big and popular wasn’t my goal so I mustn’t start feeling back now after all the work that I have enjoyed putting into my site! And if I do start mowning, give me a big loud “TUT TUT TUT” shout in the comments, k? OK, good. I knew I could count on you guys. :3

Faded and Dog-Eared Romance Novel I present thee a rather large new mysterious costume trunk.
This one is called Faded and Dog-Eared Romance Novel. He he!
I wonder what this novel could be about?
Well here is the book description to give you a hint or two:

You found this novel in the back of a closet. It seems to have been read a number of times. Flipping through the pages, the plot looks to be about a feisty heroine named Chastity, and a winsome rogue named Ranulf, how they meet, how they argue, and how they make up. And they make up a lot.
There also seems to be something about a murder plot and a priceless necklace, but lets face it, you are here for the copious amounts of sc–romance.

Intriguing, ne? Then click on the book and follow it to a ship…

In other news,
I’m hosting a lottery on THMB with real prizes sent through the mail!
It all began with an idea Jasmin had but as quite a lot of the work necessary involved behind scenes admin access, I was asked to step for this time. And depending on how well the lottery goes this month, it could become a more regular feature! :O

This month the real prizes will be sent out by Jasmin and myself and will include stationary for the most part. But if you don’t have authorisation to give out your home address don’t stress, because there are prizes for you too! Graphics by me mainly so perhaps you’re right not to get overly excited, but I do promise to try very hard at making them likeable, enjoyable, lovable! (love)
So… You gonna join, yay or nay?

Teahouse banner

Advent Calendar items

I’ve been adding the Advent Calendar goodies to the site so that you can see what days you’ve missed or stock up on those items to sell at a later date. So check them out here. 😀

And I made a new cg! I’ve added it to the layout graphics page. I don’t know if it will ever be helpful to you but you are welcome to use it if you like. ^_^

Oh and some big news! I’ve been taken on as moderator at Teahouse!! Me and the other 2 new mods were given such a warm welcome, I’m really enjoying being part of the team. They’ve put together a lot of activities for this month; you better hurry if you want to join in all of them!