Find The Hex Code Of A Colour

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No limits to what colours you can use

I don’t always want to stick to the same old colours every ones else uses. I found this little program called Get Color! on the web that let’s you pick the colour off anything, on the internet or even on your computer, and gives you the corresponding hex code. (GetColor! screen shot)

Oh and it’s free of course. Thought I should just mention that. So if you want to try it out, this is where you can find it:

Like mini celebrity trivia?

I made the screenie for Get Color! a while back for a blog I had. You know one of those that Keith offered? Yeah those. And one of the authors of this little yet sophisticated tool commented on one of my posts and just said thank you and asked if I had any ideas on improving it! :O So there ya go.

/end of random mode.

Did I hear someone say that is not very professional to include that kind of information in their article? Hmm didn’t think so. ^_^


  1. I use Eyedropper. It’s a little tool that you can equipt to your mouse arrow and find out what color anything is. It even gives you the HEX code.

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