Where To Buy Pullip Dolls & Accessories

Pullip Doll Vocabulary

Stock: the original items as they were created and sold

Stand: in plastic or metal for the doll to stand upright
Card: a rectangular card sold with the doll that has information about him/her
Eyemech: the eye mechanism inside a Pullip’s head
Eye chips/eye rubbers: the eyes can also be changed
Face-up: make-up
Body type 1, 2, 3, and 4: the bodies have been updated over the years, body type 1 being the first to be released, body type 4 being the most recent model.
Wig: Pullips have a detachable wig rather than rooted hair, except the following dolls:
Nomado (Feb 2004), Venus (Jan 2004), Withered (Dec 2003), Leprotto (Nov 2003), NOIR (Nov 2003), Carol (Oct 2003), Bouquet (Sep 2003), Squall (Sep 2003), MOON (Jul 2003), STREET (Jul 2003), WIND (Jul 2003), and WIND Special Edition (Jul 2003).

Outfit: a set of clothes, shoes, and accessories used together

Custom/customisation: the original doll has been changed in some way or another
‘The head and eye mechanism can be taken apart with a simple screw driver. Changes range from minor such as wig or eye-color swapping, to custom dolls of completely new designs. More intensive customization can include resculpting of the face or body or adding piercings, tattoos, ears, teeth, and facial hair.’

Obitsu: fully articulated body that can be used as a replacement for stock Pullip bodies
Re-chipped: new pair of eyes
Nude: naked
Bald: no wig

Second-hand: already been owned by someone (often cheaper than buying from an official shop or NRFB)
NRFB: Never Removed From Box
FS: For Sale

Re-ment: a company that makes perfect miniature replicas of everyday items

Feel free to comment with additions or corrections to the above. I hope this will be useful to some of you!

xx Jo


  1. I just recently purchased a Pullip doll Naomi for my daughter and the doll’s hands fell off. They came off so easily I thought they might be interchangable. Do you know where i might be able to get replacement hands for this doll. I didn’t see in your website any mention of hands. Please let me know what you think.

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