Recipe: Roses Des Sables

This is a very simple recipe for what in France they call “Roses des sables“, literally Sand Roses. In English you can just get away with calling them Crispy Cakes. 🙂

I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, so in my ingredients I have included some. However you can adapt it to the doses you prefer.
Experiment and have fun! C:

– a packet of Corn Flakes (I used Kellogg’s breakfast cereal)
– 2 slabs of milk chocolate
– 1/2 (half) a slab of dark chocolate

Kitchen Items:
– 1 small bowl (I used a very large mug) that will go in the microwave
– 1 large bowl that will be used to mix
– 1 tray to lay out the crispy cake mixture (must fit in the fridge)
– a microwave
– a large spoon
– a refrigerator (or cool place)

– break each slab of chocolate into little cubes into a container
– put container into microwave for about 1 minute, keep checking on it though. You don’t want it burning.

– the chocolate will cool down very fast after coming out of the microwave, so quickly take out the bag of corn flakes and crush the petals into smaller pieces.
– pour corn flakes into a container, such as a mixing bowl, until you think there is a good amount.

– then give a good stir to the melted chocolate. Caution: the container could be very hot!

– pour the chocolate over the corn flakes and stir. Try to cover all flakes with chocolate.

– pour the mixture onto a kitchen tray. Spread it out evenly. Make round blobs or flatten it all out; it’s up to you.

– put the tray in the fridge and leave the crispy cakes to harden up for 1 hour (they can stay there all night too if that’s how you prefer them. Experiment and see.)

And that’s how you get super easy, quick, and delicious home-made Crispy Cakes! ?