Techniques You Use To Remember Who To Credit

You find a cute site. You find a cute image you have permission to use. You have somewhere to use this image.
What techniques do you use to help you remember what site you got the image from?
How do you remember who to credit?

The following are the two techniques I use. But I’m curious to know, what about you?

I save the URL of the site directly into the name of the image.
Image name:

  • webbie.suppi.net_image1.png
  • WebbieSuppiNet_image1.png

And if the website has this character in it: /

Image name:

  • suppi.net_tommy_image1.png
  • slash tommy_image1.png
  • SuppiNetTommy_image1.png

Or any variation of the above.

If I save several things from a website, then I create a folder named after the site’s address.
Computer Folder

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