The Open Button

The Open Button

There once was a little girl,
This little girl was me,
Who was on holiday with her family
At Wells-Next-The-Sea.

They entered a shop
To look around and see
If there was anything to buy
With their pocket money.

The little girl noticed
That the shop keeper wore
A dress that had a button undone.
She hoped that no one else saw.

But this bothered her greatly
As her parents soon saw
“Why don’t you tell her?” they asked,
Urging her to hide no more.

So she spoke to the woman
And said: “Excuse me, Lady,
You have a button undone,
Button number three.

Surprised and grateful
The woman asked if she wouldn’t mind
Pushing the rebel button
Back into it’s hide.

The little girl was delighted
To be of help to the woman
And stepped on her toes
To fasten up the button

When finally the family left,
The shop keeper ran after them
With in her hand two candy canes;
One each for the sisters to thank them.

Little acts of kindness,
And little acts of grace;
Really do make our world
A nicer and better place.

By Joanna – 11/2008
Posted on the 28th November 2008 for a Thanksgiving Writing Contest.