Transparency With GiFFY

Here is one way of making your creations transparent.

Step 1

Draw your pixel image in a graphic program, here I used Microsoft Paint.

Step 2

Choose a colour that wasn’t used in your pixel.
I tend to go for one of the default colours like Lime Green because I rarely use it. But you can use any colour that wasn’t used in your pixel because anything that colour will later be made transparent.

Step 3

Fill the background of the image with the chosen colour, as well as any other part your wish to be transparent.

Step 4

Once all areas you want to be invisible have been filled with your chosen colour, the next step is to save it under the correct format.
Save under Bitmap 24 bits (this format makes sure there is no colour loss and no little coloured dots all over your picture).

Step 5

The next step is actually making the image transparent.
Those who haven’t spent money on an art program can use a free one called GiFFY. It’s small and easy to use.


Look for the Bitmap image on your computer.


Tick the box next to Transparent, then choose the colour you wish to make transparent. To do this you click on the box next to Tr. color which will change your cursor into an eye drop tool. Use this to click on the colour in your image.


Then save as a GIF.

Step 6

And this is the end result!


If you’d prefer not downloading a program onto your computer, there’s another tool that I recommend.
Iaza is an online tool, free, and of quality.