I Discovered WordPress Today

Browsing www.bouncy-bubbles.net* I found loads of stuff I like but no where to put them except in a folder somewhere on my computer where it will gather dust.

And then I went to the tutorials section and that’s where I discovered it. There’s so much to say about that place, simple, clear, entirely customizable, free, helpful, articles w/ screen shots to visualise what you are are learning, loads and I mean loads of different themes and layouts and explanations for technical vocabulary I hear all the time and have strictly no idea what they’re going on about…
Just full of anything and everything you could need to start a website with where, how, with what, for who and why.

Even if you decided to go elsewhere to construct your site, you can still access the complete step-by-step explanations to set it up; all that without even signing-up yet.

If you want to check it out with your own disbelieving eyes then go here:

From there just click where ever you can click (cos in my ecstatic moment upon discovering the place, I kinda forgot how I even got in ^-^”) -AHEM- so just click on something then on something else and then take a left after that and you’ll be sure to find the starting section. 😀

BUT that’s great for you and your brain, but me and mine, well we’re kinda.. not useless that’s not the word but on a website you can either blog or give information.
I don’t like blogging; well I do, I love blogging but my days are all the same basically so.. Yeah, boring, thank you I wasn’t going to say it but you were thinking it so hard I ended up typing it anyway. Pfff!

So what have I got left: information.
About what?
What do I know loads about?
What do I know loads about that could actually remotely interest someone?
What am I eager about enough to go get the info myself and post it “my way, my style, my words”. No plagiarism thank you, one of my numerous English teachers taught me about that word, THE word. Since then, I’ve been freaking, going through the online dictionary finding synonyms to nearly every word I write as if me thinking it then typing it was already a plagiarism.
A plagiarism of myself saperlipopette!!

Now you see, you just got a insight into my twisted mind. I’m my own enemy, always contradicting myself as if I and We were 2 different people. I is me as in Mlle Joanna and We is the thing that thinks, way up there over my eyes that I can only see it in a mirror, my conscience.
I don’t even know why I’d want to see my conscience let alone starring into a mirror trying to spot it. o_o

WordPress*, yes, go.