Subeta Colours History

Pet Colours Released

  1. Angelic
  2. Aqua
  3. Arid
  4. Blacklight
  5. Bloodred
  6. Cherry
  7. Chibi
  8. Common
  9. Cream
  10. Darkmatter
  11. Dawn
  12. Dusk
  13. Field
  14. Galactic
  15. Glacier
  16. Glade
  17. Gold
  18. Graveyard
  19. Hydrus
  20. Lilac
  21. Marsh
  22. Nightmare
  23. Nuclear
  24. Reborn
  25. Scribble
  26. Silver
  27. Spectrum
  28. Steamwork
  29. Sun
  30. Sweetheart
  31. Twilight
  32. (special) Experiement

Colour Updates

February 16 Sweetheart released
“Louis here, again! ♥
I have been hearing people are wishing for sickness from Underground. The CID has truly taken care of that with their vaccines, but I may be able to offer a compromise! All those candy hearts that were previously used to cure Underground viruses in Subetans have another effect entirely on our pets! (Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!)
Think of it as a cross between love “sickness” and a sugar rush! If you like these as much as I do, the new potion sells in the L’Amour Parlor, of course!”
September 3 Blacklight released
April 20 Steamwork released
April 30 Glade released
October 30 Nightmare released
September 6 Glacier released
June 26 Nuclear released

“For long hours, Dr. Ian Asmodeus has worked in his lab in silence.
At long last, his effort has paid off…”

April 6 Galactic released

“It has come to our attention that something interesting has been happening with those colorful gems that have been harvested from Coda Caves. We normally wouldn’t share this information with those of the lesser planet, but perhaps the information could be use to better yourselves to our standards. It seems to revolve around those gems which were brought out from the unearthed cave. When raised to the darkness of the faded sun, they charged with the power of their home planet, Phaloroceas. If you were of a greater being like ourselves, you could hear them humming with that very power. Perhaps your pets can, interloper, and we expect you to share them. Maybe at least one of you could be saved from your sinning ways. Use our mystical gems to bless your pets, and one day, may they be enlightened as we are, for you, stranger, are beyond hopeless already.

It appears that on the 6th and 7th of every month, Phaloroceas is close enough to allow the power of the Gems to be released. Iltallo will bless your pets on these days, and you can also Dig for new gems on these days! Anyone (including those who were helping the SAI) can help dig for gems on these special days!”

April 1 Scribble released

Dear Subeta,
We, the artists, have taken your pets hostage. We are tired of working so hard on art, and have decided to just give up. Here are some cute new little scribbles for all of your pets.
We hope you enjoy. And don’t try untying Keith and saving him from the basement. OR SUBETA WILL EXPLODE.
Have a good day,
– The Artists ♥”

February 26 Hydrus released
November 29 Spectrum released