Occasion Description
2007.04 Big Blue Nina and Pegs
Nina was drawn with help from a cross-stitch pattern for shading so I can’t say she’s completely original. However Pegs… Well Peggy is a Pregnant Mermaid. She is resting on a sand dune, looking out to the horizon, waiting for her dear merman to come home.
If you look very closely you may even see her scales shine in the evening sun.

2007.04 Old McDonald Sunflower Farm Boots
Who knows, maybe Old Mac was a fashion victim too!

2007.06 Tea Party Tea Party To-Do List Memo Pad
Colours by Caz (

2007.08 Buttons for Christina Theme: Octopus
(3rd The first time I ever win a contest! So happy!)

2007.12 Winter House The Christmas House
House base by Lisa (

2008.03 – What does Easter represent for you? Resurrection; out of the grave (3rd)

2008.04 Design-a-Bear – Lady Prunelle (2nd) Thank you Allie ( for my sparkly award, special custom bear, and participation award.

Awards: Prize 2 Prize 1 Participation Award by!
2008.10 – Autumn/Fall/Halloween Symbols of October
… Rain & Browning Leaves. (3rd)

contest entry
2008.12 – Holiday House Decoration Winter House (1st)
House template by Mel on Teahouse MB.

contest entry
2008.12 Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Snowglobe (2nd)
The tiny text says “2009”.

2009.02 Valentine Love Letter (3rd)
contest entry
2009.03 Clover Hunt Petals and stem were drawn and coloured by Rebecca as a template.

2009.04 Easter Bunnies nibbling grass at the foot of a thick vertical wooden beam.

2009.11 Bear template was provided.

2010.11 Dinosaurs Torosaurus bebe
Congratulations; it’s a girl!
Reference: this image by Russel Gooday at

Illustrate A Nursery Rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle

2012.02 Scribble contest Be Mine Candy (3rd)
Simple & gets the message across.

2012.02 A Polar Bear’s Diet Reindeer with a bow!
Just because you’re gonna be eaten, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up a little!

Scallop Shellfish (1st)
This shell was dropped by a mermaid!

2012.10.18 Thanksgiving Font: leapinwired


Other Occasions

1) I won a give-away on held by Sierra in December 2007.
And I received a lovely little parcel full of goodies! Thank You so so much Sierra!!

2) I also won a give-away at on May 2, 2008.

Teahouse MB's October 2008 pixel contest