Desktop Screenshots

 photo desk005a_lisa.png  photo desk004a_lisa.png
Jewels (2008-11-18) and Pride & Predjudice wallpapers were a gift from the lovely Lisa (!
 photo desk003a.png
Hello Kitty
 photo desk001a.png
Spring Spirits, by Vuelo

From I think
 photo desk014a.png
 photo desk012a.png photo desk015a.png
 photo desk016a_daisypandasaur.png
By 🙂
 photo desk017a_cathydelanssaydeviantartcom.png
 photo desk018b.png  photo desk019a_simpledesktopscom.png
 photo desk020a_TerraNova.png
TV “Terra Nova”
 photo desk021a_TSAL.png
And a wallpaper called “To Save A Life” from the official website of the film of the same name. By the way, I highly recommend watching that movie!
 photo desk022a_firstfear.png
 photo desk023a.png
Disney castle
dA gypcg photo desk024a_blue_forest_by_gypcg.png
Blue forest, by gypcg
 photo desk025a_simpledesktopscom.png
Watermelon by
 photo desk026a_nabhandA.png
Umbrella, by NaBHaN
 photo capture-20120306-013554.png
 photo capture-20120306-014817.png
Deep In The Woods, by JarrodHasenjager
 photo desk028_pinkx2.png
Pinky n Mint: Spring Time, by pinkx2
 photo desk029_Brave.png
 photo desk030_trenchmaker.png
In The Clouds Wallpaper, by trenchmaker
 photo desk031_saerina.png
Love Is In The Air Wall, by Saerina
 photo desk032a_beastly.png
 photo desk033a_zodiac.png
Kawaii Zodiac
oborochanCom photo desk035a_oborocharmsCom.png