My Pocket Town

Pocket Town is something Lani ( started. It’s basically a fun way of doing link exchanges as well as starting a new pixel collection.

If you have never heard of Pocket Town I suggest you go and read all about it at and start creating your own home! isn’t currently accessible. Here are some of the props I saved from when I first made my house.

Note: Even if her website is closed, please continue to credit Lani for the Pocket Town club and outlines.
Pocket Town link button Pocket Town link button Pocket Town house base Pocket Town tree Pocket Town bush
If you’d like to add my red spaceship (not a tomato! =P) to your road, scroll a little further down this page to find out how. Above all, have fun!

My Street of caz.pausedlife.comZuri of

My Pocket Town house

  1. Copy my house code and add it to your town.
  2. Then notify me here so that I can add you too! C:

Don’t forget to include your button image or button code.


<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”” title=”” /></a>

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