The Nursery

These are one of a kind, special adoptions, that I’ve applied for at various websites.

They’re not for adoption, but if you like the pixelling style of a particular one, click the image to go to the creator’s website and look at some of their other graphics.

Enjoy looking at my collection! ^_^ 1. My Puppous, Akiito, adopted on 14-Apr-07, from 2. My Little Turtle, adopted on 13-Nov-07, from 3. My Sunflower Kakeshi doll, Susie, adopted on 21-Jan-08, from 4. My Chicken, Plain Jane, adopted on 27-Jan-08, from 5. My Little Sunshine, Happy Teddy, adopted on 26-May-08, from

6. My Cute Bonbon, adopted on 17-August-08, from 7. My Stuffed Dog, Capoochino, adopted on 29-August-08, from 8. My Kitten in a Froggy Costume, adopted on 17-September-08, from 9. My Puppy TP Roll Buddy, Pierro, adopted on 18-January-09, from 10. My Mint Choco Chip Ice-cream, adopted on 15-May-09, from 11. My Sour Journal, adopted on 14-August-09, from 12. My Lime Egg, Lymona, adopted on 14-August-09, from 13. My Star Catching Bunny, Celso, adopted on 16-August-09, from Caz of 14. My Fairy-carrot, Eat Me!, adopted on 12-September-2009, from Lisa of 15. My surprise dragon egg, soon to be hatched ( *u* ), adopted on 15-March-2013, from Mel of