Affiliates! (CLOSED)

“Side by side, or miles apart, friends are forever, close to your heart.”

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What I look for in an affiliate

Someone who I will get along well with
We don’t have to have the same tastes nor backgrounds; a common pleisure in webdesign or graphic making, or simply being friendly is enough to start a conversation.

Someone who will update their site on a regular basis
It could be either with a blog, a fun link you enjoyed, or updated content.

Someone who maintains a graphic site is preferable
However a bit of visitor content with a regular blog is good too.

Any age, gender, nationality, religion, background, of course

With content written in English so that the majority of my visitors may enjoy browsing your site

If a free site, I prefer to anything else and I make no difference between a sub domain site or a Freewebs hosted site.

Someone who will not read this and think I am looking for perfection and won’t submit their application
My website will never be perfect. I won’t ever be it either. So if your site enters the “non-perfect” category, you already have one of the criteria I’m looking for. n_n

And last but not least, someone who can understand that I have limitations
– that I can’t always reply to a tag or a comment immediately
– that I do have a certain amount of short term memory loss
– that I won’t do “affy checks”
– or demand you to always comment on my own blogs or updates
– that I don’t want you to feel obliged to make me gifts
– and that the main reason why I have joined the affiliates movement is not because I’m in search of hits but simply because I enjoy having privileged relationships with people and that includes people on the internet too.

I take pleasure in seeing websites evolve over time. And that having people who have goals for their sites and artwork encourages me to work at improving too; I feel boosted by my entourage and try new things I may not have done if left to do my own thing in my corner.

If you’re not any of that you’re still welcome to apply and if you’re not looking for any of that in return, please feel welcome to offer to link exchange. I love being able to offer a large variety of different sites for visitors to discover and browse if my own site isn’t up their street.

By affiliating with me, you probably won’t gain any extra popularity or higher page rank.
What I can offer though is more visitors to your site, more exposure, and most of all, simply a friend.