Suggestion For Sites With Downloadable Files

Add your site address (or site name, or your own name) to each file you offer for download on your website. It makes things so much easier for the user to credit you if they use something, or to find your website again in the future. 🙂 Some examples: 1. 2. PL_subeta-theme-field-allergies.htm 3. JoannaFae_header-toothy-smile.gif … Read More

Wigs, July Collection & Reading Contest Prizes

Sorry, just Subeta updates today. 🙂 Human Avatar Wigs Collection Wigs Costume Trunk Wigs Subeautique Wigs Token Shop Wigs Blackheart Hollow Wigs Special-Event Wigs Collections July 2009 Collection Events Subeta Reading Contest 2009 Prizes Box, Case, Trunks Crime Boss Costume Trunk Lovely Vintage Hat Box Link Back Buttons I do have some new buttons for … Read More