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Hydrus & Glade Pets

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

New Pets

glade devonti glade hikei glade clawsion glade tutani
hydrus kerubi hydrus cadrogre hydrus terracoon

Revamped Pets

hydrus hikei > hydrus hikei
hydrus hikei > hydrus hikei
galactic ruffie > galactif ruffie
hydrus ghostly > hydrus ghostly

Updated Items

Lovely Vintage Hat Box Collection 2009-08 Loyalty Box Beaten-Up Backpack


Wigs, July Collection & Reading Contest Prizes

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Sorry, just Subeta updates today. 🙂

Human Avatar Wigs


July 2009 Collection


Subeta Reading Contest 2009 Prizes

Box, Case, Trunks

Crime Boss Costume Trunk
Lovely Vintage Hat Box

Link Back Buttons

I do have some new buttons for you to link back to Paused Life with though! Thanks to two generous girls, Lien of link) and Lisa of link)!

St-Valentine 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

St-Valentine 2009


Minion Revamps
This is the Luvapup revamp. I really like it personally.

Luvapup Luvapup

It wasn’t the only minion to have it’s art updated. Fost, Pepei, Puliand Shinwa’s Birdie all had an image change too. 🙂

Regal Costume Trunk
Regal Costume Trunk

xx ♥ Jo